In operation

Arnoya Hydroelectric Exploitation


Arnoya Orense Province, Galicia, Spain.

Installed power
10 MW

Power 10 MW. Type: Francis of Vertical Axis

Start date of operation

There are places in the world where we can feel the force of nature in an overwhelming way. This happens in the region of El Ribeiro, in the Province of Orense, where the mountains and valleys accompany the Miño, Arnoya and Avia rivers. An exceptional place full of trees with bright colors that change with the seasons and extensive vinyards.

It is on the Arnoya River where our plant is located, designed to merge with the lush forest. The electromechanical equipment can be found in this plant, hidden within its architecture and perfectly integrated into the environment.

We feel fortunate to work in a place that we have kept pure.

Elements such as the loading chamber, the bypass channel, or the pressure tunnel are underground. We built a walk for hikers on the surface. Thus, we have managed to keep the landscape intact.

Installation images

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