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30 years ago we had a dream and opened our doors to the world to caress, protect and better it.

Today, after three decades, it is a dream come true that a family business, located in La Coruña, is present in it’s country and internationally, formed by 50 companies dedicated to renewable energy projects.

The key?
Effort, dedication and taking care of every detail.




From our birth we have understood the importance and the need of sustainable development in its entire extension.

We started working on the generation of energy thanks to the push from the river water. We respect the river, its ecosystem and its biodiversity, with very low intervention projects, and we defend the need to maintain the cycles of nature, for which the water cycle is essential.

Currently, our business model encompasses different types of energy generation, yet only from renewable sources, as we have come to realize the high climate risk we are suffering.

One of our priorities is to balance the economic component with the responsibility to protect the environment in which we operate. For this, our actions are based on achieving a sustainable development focused on preserving the environment, in turn contributing to social development.

We participate in the Sustainable Development Goals, with our purpose being that this contribution increase. Therefore, we defend and promote sustainable development and apply this to our daily management through Environmental, Social and Good Governance criteria (ASG Criteria), present in all our operations and processes.

We started more than 30 years ago, but our commitments are increasingly valid and our role is increasingly necessary.

Our projects

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 You can filter our projects that are in construction by enegy type

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Hydraulic: 3.10 MW

Wind: 137,95 MW

Photovoltaic: 97,1 MW

with us
Cantón Grande, nº 6, 6º.
15003 La Coruña. España.
Tel. +34 981 217 003
Corporate information
Ecoener is a commercial company whose sole owner is Luis de Valdivia. We have more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector, our headquarters are in La Coruña and we are present in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala.

It is made up of 50 companies dedicated to the promotion and exploitation of wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric technologies. Our assets total 118.87MW.

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